ECO Safe Driving:
Slowing Down
To get the best fuel economy from your vehicle avoid unnecessary braking and harsh braking.  When travelling towards a lower speed limit avoid using the brake unless going down hill.  Come right off the accelerator earlier and completely instead and let the vehicle gently reduce speed so you go through the lower speed limit at bang on the correct speed.  You may need gentle braking until you get the knack of it.  If a vehicle is following yours then very gentle application of the brakes will be needed to light up the brake lights and warn the following driver that you are 

Some drivers accelerate very gently indeed to save fuel. This is a nuisance to other motorists, bad driving and dangerous.  When driving away from traffic lights or lower speed limits accelerate reasonably firmly not to hold the traffic up unless there is good reason not to.  

Always use the highest practicable gear after you have finished accelerating, but the engine shouldn’t labour: this will reduce engine wear and pollution. When driving down most hills make sure that there is some engine braking because this makes the vehicle easier to drive and low gears to go down hills are essential when driving very big vehicles and very old vehicles.  when going down very steep hills always use a low gear.  The steepest hills may require second or even first gear.  A very old saying is use the same gear to go down a hill as to go up it and this usually applies today.