Good attitude is learned at a young age.  If a child sees mum or dad driving in a discourteous or even dangerous manner they are liable to copy this when they become drivers themselves.
Some new drivers will grudgingly drive properly until they pass their test and then drive like they have seen people drive when they were a child.
Good, safe and courteous driving from parents and the people who sit next to leaner drivers is very important in helping the next generation of drivers to drive well.

Mandatory speed limits are there for a reason.  When driving past a school or through a busy town it should be obvious to all why they are there.  It is not necessary or advisable to exceed the 70 mph limit on UK roads even on a clear dry motorway because 70 mph is over a mile per minute, so why jeopardise your driving licence?
If you think quickly, then not every driver does.  Another driver could look in the mirror and not realise that you are speeding.  They might pull out in front of you and a fatal accident may happen.  This is also why you must check mirrors more than once before a lane change in order for range finding, judgement of speed and to make sure that your information is current.

In Pembrokeshire give ways have replaced stop lines now because of an incident where an old lady stopped at a blind junction, got out of her car to look both ways, then hurriedly got back in her car, put her seat belt on and drove out into the path of a car which hit the drivers’ side door and killed her.  At blind junctions it is better to drive very slowly up to the line looking both ways before you reach it and to continue looking both ways “peeping and creeping” until you are sure you are safe from traffic coming from all directions (this must include other drivers that could be exceeding the speed limit) before you commit yourself to driving into a gap in the traffic.  This means that you can stop at any time if it is unsafe to continue and your information is current when you do drive out.  If you encounter a stop line then stop and obey the law; but don’t commit yourself until you know it to be safe and if this means that you have to drive slowly over the line I little way then so be it.  This is also a reason to slow down when passing junctions especially if they are on a bend.