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This is explaining things to the examiner to answer questions.

Q: How often must you check your tyres?

A: At least once a week and before a long journey.

Q: how do you check the tyre pressure?

Q: What is the minimum depth of tread on a car tyre?

A: 1.6 millimeter.  This must be at least .75 of the width of the tyre, all the way around and tread must be visible the full width of the tyre.

Q: What else do you look for on the tyre?

A: cuts, tares, bulges or any other damage.

A: When the tyres are cold.  You will find the correct tyre pressure in the owners manual which is part of and must be kept in the vehicle.

When the bonnet is open you must only point and describe.  Do not pull an oily dipstick out or open anything!

Q: How do you check the oil level?

A: Take the dipstick out and clean it.  Put it back in and remove it again.  This time examine the end of the dipstick and look to see where the oil level is.  It should be in between the minimum and maximum marks.  This must be done on level ground or a false reading will result.  For actually doing it refer to the owners’ manual because it’s more complicated.

Q: Where do you put the oil?

A: The oil filler cap which is usually on the top of the engine.

Q: How do you check the brake fluid level?

A: The brake fluid reservoir is located in front of the servo which is on the bulkhead.  Check that the level is between the maximum and minimum marks.  Unless you really know what you are doing leave topping this up to a mechanic and don’t drive the vehicle if it is low or going down quickly.

Q: How do you check the coolant level?

A: The expansion tank containing the coolant will have a minimum and maximum mark and the coolant level should be between these marks.

Q: Where do you put the screen wash?


A: This is normally a hinged blue cap on the top of a tube and you just flip the cap open and pour the screen wash in.

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