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2. Drive your car slowly back until the back rest of back seat is level with the bumper of
the car you are parking behind.

3. Turn the steering wheel one circle left and drive until your door mirror passes the

bumper of the car that you are manoeuvring around.

4. Turn the steering wheel back one circle so the car goes back in a straight line.

5. When the car is close to the kerb steer quickly one circle right so the car comes in close

and parallel to it.

6. When the car is parallel to the kerb stop.

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Your car


Parked Car

Your car


The Reverse-Park or Parallel Park Exercise

1. Drive your car alongside the car you wish to reverse-park behind;

your car should be one metre away from the car and the front of your and a little forwards of it. Your car should be parallel to the kerb;

put your handbrake on if this is necessary(if you need an uphill start to start your reverse-park);

look over your right-hand shoulder and all around your vehicle;

you must repeat looking around from time to time during this exercise to know if anything is coming towards or is close to your vehicle.

When reversing your car for any manoeuvre look mostly through the back window so you can see anything you might run into - as well as where you are going. Also you must look all around for dangers such as children running about.