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M.S.M. Routine

Early in your driving lessons and before taking a driving test you must know the groups of letters:

MSM, PSL and LAD.  

Mirror Signal Manoeuvre, Position Speed Look and Look, Assess, Decide.

You may even find yourself asked to recite and explain these letters on your driving test.

This routine doesn’t always totally work and it is not fully adequate, especially on fast roads.

The breakdown of the use of these letters on approach to a junction, roundabout or any other such driving hazard or manoeuvre is as follows:

1. look in the Mirrors to be fully aware of the other traffic behind and around the vehicle.

2. Signal you intension where necessary.

3. carry out the Manoeuvre.

The manoeuvre consist of:


1. Position the vehicle appropriately (an example is well to the left to turn left).

2. adjust the Speed or come to a stop, so you can take full and effective observation together with filtering into a safe gap in the traffic.

3. Look consists of: Look Assess Decide.


1. Look at the road and traffic situation.

2. Assess the road and traffic situation.

3. Decide whether to go or stop and when to go.

Frequently in reality it should be mirror speed before anything else and the timing of the signalling depends very much on the layout of the road, but this is the official framework you must know and work with.

All this information, with diagrams is in the book: Driving the Essential Skills.

In addition to this you must check the mirrors every 8 to 10 seconds and hazardous manoeuvre includes changing speed or direction.